Software Customization

TDH Software provides a suite of software products for vector based spatial and network analysis with graphical presentations and data editing capabilities. The libraries upon which this software suite is built are based on versatile and extensible C++ code, ready to be used for a variety of other specialized applications.

For example:

  • TdhCad relies on the graphics library. (MSWin, Linux)

  • TdhGIS relies on the graphics library and spatial analysis library. (MSWin, Linux)

  • TdhGISnet relies on the graphics library and the network analysis library. (MSWin, Linux)

  • TdhNet relies on the graphics library, the network analysis library and the spatial analysis library. (MSWin, Linux)

  • TdhZones relies on the spatial analysis library (Android)

  • TdhTrails relies on the network analysis library (Android)

  • All these products rely on the TdhList list management library.

So, every library is used in more than one software product and the various software products run on 3 different operating systems. That’s a strong indication of the robustness of the libraries and the underlying C++ code.

The C++ code is composed almost entirely of extensible classes. The most basic classes provide the functionality to be applied in a variety of applications. The higher level classes apply the functionality to specific applications and interfaces.

Adding new features or interfaces can be easily accomplished by extending the existing classes. Very often, the amount of new code needed is minimal. That’s why all the existing products are much smaller than any comparable product.

So, if you:

  • need a feature not yet included in an existing product,

  • want a customized version of a product,

  • want some of this functionality embedded into your software

that can be accomplished with relative speed and ease. The initial consultation is free and we can decide how to proceed from there.