Consulting Services

People who use a water system model range from land development engineers needing to ensure adequate fire flows to planners and operators for major water utilities needing to ensure adequate water service to millions of customers. What they have in common is a need for timely and accurate information for decisions that can be understood and justified. A water system model should not be a decision making black box but rather a source of critical information that allows the user to perform their responsibilities in a competent and professional manner. This is and always will be the goal of TdhNet.

While TdhNet strives to provide all information and capabilities needed for the user to understand and control model performance, understanding all aspects of modeling may not be practical for everyone who could benefit from a water system model. And even the most advanced user can benefit from the insights and understandings of the model developers. In any instance where a model user, or anyone who could benefit from a water system model, needs the expertise of a highly experienced modeler and model developer, I am available for consulting services. In particular, my services could be uniquely valuable when considering:

  • Whether the establishment and use of a water system model will be worth the cost.

  • How to best establish and use a water system model. (Note: I also have extensive experience in GIS and database management).

  • How to accomplish some of the most challenging modeling objectives, such as:

    • Pumping station performance.

    • Storage facility parameters (volume, range of elevations, associated transmission mains).

    • Establishment of an operational plan, including pumping cost analysis and water age analysis.

  • Instances where a model is not performing as expected or desired (e.g. convergence problems). TdhNet can import data from other models and provide more detailed information about model performance and problems, especially when code analysis tools are used. We can see exactly what the model is doing and why.

I am available to work on a contract basis to engineering firms of any size, to water utilities of any size and to product developers in need of a hydraulic solution engine. Please contact me at